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What we're doing

Our network harnesses energy data. Our services let you use it.

Smart energy infrastructure

Our network ecosystem

Behind every flick of a switch or turn of a dial, the nationwide DCC secure digital highway is connecting millions of households to their energy data.

DCC network overview

The digital spine of the energy system

How the DCC smart meter network operates

Using energy in your home

Every time energy is used, or generated, in homes with smart meters, they turn it into a packet of data. The data is securely wrapped, using two layers of encryption and a communications hub creates a home area network to receive it.

In-home display

From your home to the DCC

The hub transmits the data to an in-home display which shows how much energy is being used or sold back to the grid. The data is then transmitted from the home to a wide area network of mobile phone or radio masts, and from these to the DCC servers.

Our secure digital highway

Our security and technical operations centre is the nerve centre of the DCC network. Here our team continually monitor the performance, resilience, speed and security of the network. It operates entirely separately from the potential pitfalls of the public internet and operates to security levels endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ. The DCC network never sees or keeps the data, it transports it securely straight to energy suppliers to access. They decrypt the data and use it to bill consumers accurately.


Protecting data on the smart meter network

Britain's smart meter network was designed with security at its core. It securely connects millions of households across the country to their energy data.

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Current programmes

What we’re working on

Working together with our customers and partners we're transforming Britain's energy infrastructure. Find out what we're delivering below.

Connecting Britain

One smart meter at a time

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Smart meters on DCC network


CO2 emissions saved

Tonnes per year

Network services

Supplying more to the network

Smart infrastructure

Network Products & Services

We provide products and services to enable efficient communication of energy data and information between consumers (homes and businesses), the energy supplier, network operators and other authorised DCC users.

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Dedicated customer service

Our Service Centre provides a single point of contact for users, whether they are an energy supplier, meter operator, or a managed service provider. We'll work with you on live operational matters to co-ordinate and resolve service incidents, help with service requests and are always ready to help with more general enquiries.

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