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Confidence in critical messaging

What is Parse and Correlate?

Parse and correlate ensures critical service request messages sent to meters are understood correctly by the DCC and associated messages passed back to our customers can be read by their systems.

Delivering critical messages

The software allows customers to confirm that the content of any critical service requests sent to Smart Metering Devices, such as smart meters and Communications Hubs submitted in XML, is substantively identical (‘Correllate’) to the content of the associated command created by the DCC and returned to the User in a Home Area Network (HAN)-ready format, so that the returned command can be approved by the User for sending to the device.

Ensuring responses are received

The software also converts the relevant content of all Service Responses and Device Alerts sent from Smart Metering Devices from the HAN format into a standard XML format (‘Parse’) to enable the contents to be read by User systems.

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Parse and Correlate Requirements

For further information showing the specific requirements around Parse and Correlate software, please refer to the SEC, Section: H11 PARSE AND CORRELATE SOFTWARE Provision of Parse and Correlate Software.

Latest version of the Smart Energy Code (SEC)

Parse and Correlate software documents

Parse & Correlate is distributed by DCC in line with Section H11 of the Smart Energy Code, and is provided free of explicit charge under a GNU General Public Licence. Click on the link below to get hold of a copy.

Software licence