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Network developments

Technology that keeps up

We like developing ways of making life easier

Part of building a smart energy future for people, is building the technology that makes it possible. So, with help from our customers and partners, we’re working hard to improve our network today, so we can lay the foundations for the energy infrastructure of tomorrow.


Our key programmes

We are delivering a range of programmes that will support the smart meter roll-out and transform Britain's energy system.

Seamless switching

Our Centralised Switching Services will make switching energy suppliers faster, more reliable and more efficient. Consumers will be able to transfer data, payment details and account information within just 24 hours.

Enrolling SMETS1 to the network

We’ve been migrating first generation (SMETS1) smart meters onto our secure, central system since 2019. For consumers, this means smart meters will keep their smart functionality even when switching energy suppliers - which can help them save more.

Dual-Band Comms Hubs

Staying connected is easier with Dual Band Comms Hubs. Using a 868MHz Home Area Network frequency, they allow wider coverage and superior connectivity between utility meters in home, meaning more homes can have a smart meter fitted.

The data journey

From meter reading and encryption to switching and billing, watch our video to find out how the DCC network makes it possible.