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Centralised energy supplier switching

Faster, more reliable switching

A competitive energy market depends on consumers being able to switch supplier as quickly and reliably as possible. We've worked with Ofgem, customers and our partners to make this a reality.

Switching energy suppliers in 24 hours

The Central Switching Service (CSS) makes switching energy suppliers faster, more reliable and more efficient. Consumers are able to transfer data, payment details and account information within five working days, and will later be able to switch within 24 hours.

What are the benefits of the Central Switching Service?

It would previously take up to three weeks to switch your gas or electricity supplier and many people felt that the process was too complicated, too slow and too often went wrong. The Central Switching Service changes all of that.

The switching service has the potential to provide:

savings on energy bills for consumers

efficiency savings for energy suppliers

competition in the energy market