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Centralised energy supplier switching service

Faster, reliable switching

A competitive energy market depends on consumers being able to switch supplier as quickly and reliably as possible. We're working with Ofgem, customers and our partners to make this a reality.

Switching energy suppliers in 24 hours

Our Centralised Switching Service will make switching energy suppliers faster, more reliable and more efficient. Consumers will be able to transfer data, payment details and account information the next day.

switching programme

What are the benefits of the Centralised Switching Service?

It currently takes up to three weeks to switch your gas or electricity supplier and many people find that the process is too complicated, too slow and too often goes wrong. The DCC is getting ready to change all that. Due to go live in the Summer of 2022, the Switching Programme will provide savings on energy bills for consumers, efficiency savings for energy suppliers and increased competition in the energy market.

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Our most frequently asked questions

What is the Switching Programme?

It currently takes around 21 days to change energy suppliers. The faster, more reliable Switching Programme will initially reduce the time it takes to switch energy supplier to five working days and, later, to the next working day. It will also reduce the number of switches that either fail or should not have been executed as a result of poor quality address data.

When will the new Switching Service go live?

The new Switching Service is scheduled to go live in the Summer of 2022.

How can I find out more information about what this means for me as a consumer?

The introduction of faster, more reliable switching should mean increased competition in the energy industry which will, in turn, savings on energy bills, improvements in customer service, increased choice and reduced harm from either delays or erroneous switches. For more information about the benefits of the Programme, please visit the Ofgem website.