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Customer engagement

Delivering quality customer engagement


Our customers are the reason we exist

We're funded by energy suppliers, with their contributions based on market share. This enables us to provide the secure national infrastructure that’s underpinning the roll-out of smart meters across Great Britain.

Working together

We’re here to help everyone lead smarter, greener lives, so our customers views are extremely important to us. We collaborate with our customers, via multiple channels, regularly gathering feedback on our services and proposed activity to ensure that they meet both current and future needs.

Working together


Regulatory requirements

We are regulated by Ofgem, the Energy Regulator. As part of our licence, we have an obligation to engage and consult with our customers, as well as Industry, on key matters affecting the sector. Each year, as part of Price Control, Ofgem consult with Industry to gauge how well we’ve delivered against this. If we’re deemed to not have delivered against expectations, some of our costs will be disallowed.

Governance & Regulations
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