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Governance, Reports & Policies

Board of Directors

DCC has a Board of Directors, which meets monthly, alternatively as either a full meeting or a trading update.

Governing DCC

The DCC board has overall responsibility for leadership, risk management, internal control, financial stability and governance arrangements. Under the Licence obligations (LC9) the Board must have a minimum of two 'Sufficiently Independent Directors' who must adhere to four 'Independent Requirements'. Currently there are three. Other Directors include two Executive Directors and two Non-Executive Directors.

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Our committees

We have established a range of committees whose role is to govern and lead the DCC.

Audit Committee

The audit committee is a sub-committee of the Board which has responsibility for the integrity of the financial statements (including Statutory and Regulatory Accounts). It also monitors the statutory auditor's independence and effectiveness of the audit process and it takes into consideration relevant UK professional and regulatory requirements.

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Executive Committee

The ExCo is chaired by the CEO and all DCC Directors and Heads of Functions are full members. This committee meets monthly and advises the Board. It also provides strategic and applied leadership for the DCC.

Remuneration Committee (RemCo)

The RemCom is also a sub-committee of the Board and is responsible for the annual review of staff salaries, pay rises and bonus'.

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Our policies

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that our success is directly related to the experience and quality of our employees.

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Information Security

We know that information is a critical business asset, and that protecting our information assets is a reputational and operational priority.

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Modern Slavery

We take action to ensure that the fundamental human rights of everyone who works for Smart DCC, or in its supply chain, are respected.

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Annual compliance review

Licence Condition 12 requires DCC to appoint an Independent Compliance Officer (ICO) to review its compliance with Chapter 3 of the Licence. The ICO is currently Deloitte LLP. The annual review involves site visits, interviews with key staff and review of relevant documentation. The ICO produces a report for the DCC Board, from which DCC produces its Annual Compliance Report which is a public document. The ICO is also mandated to investigate any Chapter 3 related complaints

Regulatory accounts

The DCC Annual Report and Regulatory Accounts are produced annually in line with the UK Corporate Governance Code and the International Financial Reporting Standards. These are publicly available documents. Our external auditors are KPMG.

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Key documents and policies