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Smart charging for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle smart charging for all

Consumers' confidence in a smooth EV charging experience will be central to Britain's transition to clean electric vehicles. Drivers will want to know they can charge up whenever they need and get a fair deal.

The smart charging challenge

The Government’s ambitious target of mass EV adoption between now and 2030 means that Britain’s energy infrastructure must change rapidly and many more charging stations will be needed. The DCC, the digital spine of Britain's energy system, whose network connects smart meters to energy suppliers, is ready to be re-used to support nationwide electric vehicle smart charging and help in the fight against climate change by reducing Co2 emissions.

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car charging at home

By 2035, 90% of electric vehicle charging will take place at home or at work

To meet this demand, more than 20 million private charge points will be needed nationwide. There are a range of smart 'charge point at home' options. The DCC can support multiple charging stations at home, on street or at work.

Features at a glance

Supporting smart charging

Secure platform

Best in-class cybersecurity protecting data and the charge point network we'll depend on.


Time of use tariffs and load balancing helps energy suppliers and network operators manage local energy usage and match supply with demand.

Proportional load control

Functionality already exists to enable load balancing of energy usage.

How we can support smart charging

Smart meters already form a key part of the smart charging system. The half hourly meter readings allow energy companies to match supply to demand more accurately, optimise energy consumption and allow consumers to benefit from cheaper electricity at off peak times, like overnight. The time of use energy tariff allows consumers to make sure their car charges when the electricity grid is producing its cheapest, and often greenest electricity – overnight.

Overview of DCC EV charging solution