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Benefits of using DCC

Supporting Britain's transition to electric vehicles

EV charging for all

Consumers' confidence in a smooth charging experience will be central to Britain's transition to clean electric vehicles. Drivers will want to know they can charge up whenever they need and get a fair deal.

The EV charging challenge

The Government’s ambitious target of mass EV adoption between now and 2030 means that Britain’s energy infrastructure must change rapidly. The DCC's network is ready to be re-used to support nationwide electric vehicle smart charging.

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Features at a glance

Supporting EV smart charging

Secure platform

Best in-class cybersecurity protecting data and the charging network we'll depend on.


Energy retailers and network operators can manage local supply and demand.

Proportional load control

Functionality already exists to support this.

How we can support EV smart charging

Overview of DCC EV charging solution

Benefits of using the DCC

Secure charge points for EVs

We can enable a secure, flexible and nationwide charging network

Our network operates to standards set by the National Cyber Security Centre. The same secure network can be used for electric vehicle smart charging. The DCC can support secure charging across the country with 99.3% coverage nationwide.

A fair, easy to use service

Our network will enable a consistent, easy to use service that is the same no matter where drivers charge. Consumers will be able to switch tariff or provider simply and smoothly. And, the standardised system will give providers a level playing field, fostering competition and the best prices.

EVs being charged in driveways
EV innovation

We enable, so our customers can innovate

Only by working together will we help consumers move away from petrol and diesel cars and achieve the Government's 2030 target. Our network will allow system operators, chargepoint providers and utilities to innovate and collaborate to protect the integrity and security of the network.