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Connecting Britain to a smarter energy network

The digital spine of the energy system

To protect the planet and achieve our net-zero ambitions, we need to reduce our use of fossil fuels and make better use of cleaner, greener energy to power our homes and road transport. Our energy system is already changing to drive this – empowering consumers with smart meters that give them and their energy provider a detailed picture of consumption.

This transformation of our energy system is made possible by a secure network, separate to public broadband, that connects smart meters to energy suppliers. This telecommunications network is operated by the Data Communications Company – the DCC.

How the DCC smart meter network operates

Why is the DCC network important?

Our network protects consumers and enables Britain to make the fullest use of renewable energy. To make our homes more efficient we’ll all need to use more devices like solar panels, heat pumps, electric vehicles, and home energy storage. But to work really well, these devices depend on the data that is transmitted over the DCC network. It’s vital that the network continues to securely transport this data – and provide the digital spine of our energy system.

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Business and Development Plan

Moving forward, together

Working closely with our customers we've identified priorities for today, and plans for the future. They're all contained in our latest Business and Development Plan.

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We work with energy retailers, Distribution Network Operators, Managed Service Providers and other businesses with an interest in our network. Our customers are some of the best in Britain and are the most important thing to us. You can see some of them here or click on the button below for a complete list.

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Serving our customers and Britain's energy consumers

We work together with Ofgem, Government and the energy industry to deliver for our customers and Britain's energy consumers.

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Your questions answered

 What is the DCC?

The DCC is building and maintaining the network to which Britain's smart meters will connect to. When the roll-out is complete, 30 million homes will be connected to our network.

When will the smart meter roll-out be complete?

The roll-out is forecast to be completed by 2025 and before Covid, 31 meters were being installed every minute.

How is the smart meter roll-out progressing?

In 2019 our network gained significant pace – the monthly installation rate increased 300% over that period. Since the start of 2020 our network has trebled in size, with the addition of 3.5m SMETS1 migrations. The 10 millionth meter was connected on Mon 1st Feb 2021, by EON.

How much of the country is covered by the DCC network?

More than 99.3% of premises in the country are currently covered by our network, and this will rise further.

How is the DCC funded?

The DCC is funded by our customers, the energy retailers and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

Can the network be used for any other purpose?

In the future, DCC technology can be a platform to deliver further public benefit, a national asset which will provide secure, reliable connectivity to devices, whilst maintaining privacy and security for individuals.

Any extra services the DCC offers can bring in revenue, which in turn will help us meet our licence obligation to bring costs down for our existing customers.