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Elective services explained

Elective Communication Services (ECS) allow you to exclusively implement new services, differentiating your offering in a competitive energy market. We'll support you throughout, ensuring timely and effective delivery.

Why is the DCC offering this service?

We are keen to enable innovation, competition and re-use of the DCC network, to reduce the unit cost to DCC’s customers by generating revenue from other markets. ​The ECS process is one way to meet the innovation needs of current and future customers​.

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A service tailored to you

Any SEC party can submit an ECS request and initially they are exclusive to you. If you would like the new service requests to be open to all DCC customers, please follow the SEC mod process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will services cost?

Costs are dependent on the type of service request; the complexity of change required and the number of service requests being submitted by the requestor. An ECS requestor is also able to share the initial and on-going costs by submitting a joint ECS request with another DCC customer. In this approach, the 6-month exclusivity is shared between these parties.

How will commercial confidentially be maintained?

DCC work with each customer under a bilateral agreement to ensure full commercial confidentiality.

When this information will be shared with other customers?

Information regarding the new service requests is available to all DCC customers 6-months after the new service request goes live. From this point, any other DCC user can purchase and use the new functionality. As additional DCC customers make use of the new functionality, any continuing charges are shared between them and the original requestor.

Where will this work be done?

The DCC will co-ordinate all ECS activities to ensure they are successfully integrated into the live environments. The nature of the ECS will determine whether the changes are required for the DSP and/or CSP.

What are the expected steps of bringing these services to market?

Customer enquiry

Once the Expression of Interest form has been completed and submitted, DCC shall initiate the process to undertake a preliminary assessment of your requirements. We will keep in contact with you throughout the process.

Preliminary assessment

This is the first assessment stage, which involves workshops with DCC to ensure that ECS is the best route for your requirement, that the technical ask and goals are clearly defined and understood by all parties and to establish whether there is a requirement for a more detailed assessment to establish the full impact of the proposed changes.

Detailed evaluation

If the preliminary assessment concludes that a more detailed evaluation is required, the DCC will initiate this process. We require approval from you to proceed with the detailed evaluation as it has costs associated. Once you have agreed to pay the cost, the DCC will interact with the service providers to undertake a full, detailed impact assessment to confirm the implementation and running costs to implement your ECS request.

Agreement to process

Once the detailed assessment is complete and returned, the DCC provides a formal offer for the work. At this stage, you will confirm whether you agree to proceed or withdraw the request.


If the costs and timelines proposed in the formal offer are accepted, the work is initiated to undertake the implementation at the earliest opportunity.

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