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Re-using the platform

Enabling innovation for public good

The future potential of our network

While our priority is still ensuring the successful roll-out of smart meters across the country, we’re also thinking of ways our customers and, in the future, others can use our network to help deliver a smarter energy future. From expert help from our technology team, to full service testing at our Brabazon House laboratory - we can give personal guidance on how to develop your designs to work with our network.

Smart energy infrastructure

Our network ecosystem

The DCC's secure network can be re-used to support a range of products and services.

The smart energy infrastructure

Innovation areas

Helping turn your vision into a reality

We provide expert advice that fosters further innovation by our customers. We're already working on how to support Electric Vehicle charging. The network may also one day even help to reduce fuel poverty.

Innovation services

We'll help with the where and the how

Shining a light on urban biodiversity

DCC has teamed up with Scotscape on a proof of concept to explore how urban biodiversity coupled with remote data connectivity can help improve air quality in our towns and cities, helping Britain reach the target of net zero by 2050.

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Smart meters in test lab

Experimentation environments

DCC provides access to Britain’s largest secure test lab, allowing customers to test their products and reduce R&D costs. Customers can experiment with smart meter functionality, run products through connectivity testing, access EV Smart charge points or build a proof of concept onsite. We also offer full remote support and asset management.

Our test labs

Government-funded innovation projects

In alignment with our our strategic priorities, we're working on a number of projects that can help realise the potential and public benefit of the smart meter network.

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