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Test assurance

What we do

We oversee all stages of programme testing to ensure our partners and suppliers systems are fully integrated with our service. We test rigorously to provide assurance to SEC parties that the network is resilient, secure and integrates with customers systems and metering equipment.

Collaborating on testing design

Testing design and execution group

The group was created to gain SEC Party input into the design of our test stages. They meet monthly and each SEC Party can nominate one member to attend the meeting. They can also establish working groups to address specific topics and membership is open to relevant industry experts.

Terms of Reference
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Systems Integration Testing

Systems Integration Testing (SIT) confirms that the different service provider systems work effectively to meet the requirements set out in the Smart Energy Code (SEC).

System Integration Test Approach

Devices for testing

DCC will use certain devices in Systems Integration Testing (SIT) and subsequent testing. The devices have been selected in accordance with the Device Selection Methodology.

Devices for testing
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Operational Acceptance Testing

DCC's own Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) will be conducted at the same time as other systems assurance. We use the production environment in this crucial phase of testing.

The purpose of Operational Acceptance Testing is to verify that DCC and Service Provider solutions:

  • Can be installed/configured in the live environment
  • Can be operated by DCC's Operations function under both normal and exceptional conditions
  • Comply with the non-functional requirements
  • Will meet Service Level Agreements
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Our testing portfolio

Working with service providers and users to establish the test strategy for the smart metering programme

Assuring that DCC systems, including those of the service providers, have been thoroughly tested and are ready for live operation

Managing the testing processes by which customers onboarding can prove they can integrate with the DCC service

Supporting customers, meter manufacturers and others to test the interaction of their meters and back-office systems against the DCC service

Supporting customers and helping resolve the issues that arise during testing