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DCC has published the updated SMKI and Repository Testing Approach document

13/06/2017 On Friday 9 June 2017, the SEC Panel approved version 5.0 of DCC's SRT Approach document following consultation with Parties and the SMKI PMA.

DCC publishes its Development Plan Notice

13/06/2017 This notice provides information about revisions to DCC's development planning activity.

Smart DCC Newsletter

24/05/2017 We have published the newest edition of our Newsletter.


Monthly Comms Hub forecast and order submissions due

23/06/2017 Monthly Comms Hub forecast and order submissions due.

DCC Comms Hub & SMWAN Design Forum

29/06/2017 The DCC Comms Hub & SM-WAN Design Forum will take place at the DCC offices on Thursday 29 June.


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