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DCC Boxed

What is DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed gives you the DCC infrastructure in the palm of your hand. It is designed to emulate the smart metering network, by offering a suite of testing tools that enable authorised users to better understand, enhance or develop their own solutions.

DCC Boxed

How DCC Boxed represents the end-to-end network environment


What’s in the box?

Core components in the box include:

  1. Intel NUC – this is the mini PC that operates the system
  2. Zigbee Traffic Snifferto understand the flow of traffic between devices  
  3. USB Hub – enables the connection of additional devices
  4. Power cables – powers all the components

Also available

  • Device emulators – an ancillary component designed to emulate each device e.g. electricity meter, in-home-display, proportional load controller switch
  • GFI Comms Hub – used to replicate a real communications hub 
  • Wired ITCH - An Instrumented Test Communications Hub
DCC Boxed components

Features and Benefits

DCC boxed has been designed to support your testing needs. Some of the key ways it does this is through being:


You can experiment in ways you can’t in a regulated environment, allowing for issues to be found before ‘live environment’ testing.


You can easily conduct testing in any location that's suitable for your needs, making this highly accessible.


You can mix a combination of emulated and real devices to suit different scenarios, allowing for more extensive early experimenting, saving you time.

For a more extensive look at DCC Boxed, take a look at the document below.

How can DCC Boxed help?

Following extensive engagement with customers and industry, we’ve learnt about the different ways which an enhanced version of the GFI tool could support many use cases. Here are some examples of how DCC Boxed can benefit your business:

Enable testing of new versions of Great Britain Companion Specification (GBCS)  and DCC User Interface Specification (DUIS)

DCC Boxed enables users to be informed about new versions of DUIS or GBCS, by interacting with these and understanding system or process impacts in advance of the changes occurring in live. This can enable the possibility of early bug identification and resolution.

Used to support your smart metering training needs

DCC Boxed will enable users to conduct better, interactive training on what the smart metering ecosystem is and how it works – it can even help train smart meter installers! The whole smart metering supply chain and partnering firms can use the representative systems, with their products to show their interactivity. Conducting training against a system representative of DCC rather than an approximation will be more fruitful.

Study and development of GBCS Devices

DCC Boxed will enable thorough understand of the role of DUIS & GBCS for the smart metering network, allowing devices to be more efficiently and smartly developed and triaged, with fewer issues and higher quality outcomes.

Demonstrate end-to-end communication with the Smart Metering Implementation Programme (SMIP)

DCC Boxed will ensure that stakeholders understand the full ecosystem and its component parts​, as well as how they interactive with each other and the various sequences of activity.

Facilitate new devices and product testing​

DCC Boxed will enable new types of devices and solutions to be realised for customers​ via a more extensive environment for development and early testing.

Support analysis when assessing impact of changes on the end-to-end system​

DCC Boxed will support analysis for when changes do occur, ensuring that users are better prepared to manage changes effectively, such as new releases of GBCS standards.

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Who can buy DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed is available to any SEC Party. For more information of what a SEC Party is and how to become one, please click here.

If you are not a SEC Party, but want to acquire DCC Boxed as a testing participant, please see our DCC Boxed policy document.

How much does DCC Boxed cost?

Standard Kit (NUC + USB Hub + Zigbee Sniffer): £5,500*

Device Emulators (9 types available): £250 each*

*excluding VAT

Ordering a GFI Comms Hub

For information about GFI Comms Hubs and how to order please refer to the pre-existing process. You can order your GFI kit by emailing and we'll send you everything you need to get started.

Ordering a Wired ITCH

For information about Wired ITCHs and how to order them, please contact our service centre directly. You can do this by emailing Further information can be found here.

DCC Boxed

Managing your device

DCC Boxed Owners Club

Already own DCC Boxed? Here you'll find guidance on how to use and manage your device, as well as the latest news and updates.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does DCC Boxed cost?

A standard DCC Boxed kit costs £5,500 with emulators purchased additionally for £250 each.

What is included in the core kit for DCC Boxed?

A standard DCC Boxed kit includes the Mini PC, a USB Hub, the associated power cables, and a Zigbee Traffic Sniffer.

Where can I use DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed is designed to be used remotely. You can use it anywhere you want so long as it complies with all relevant legal and license obligations.

What emulator types work with DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed works with all SMETS2 compliant devices by design. The only constraint that you need to note is that Z1ZA certificates are required (Z1ZA certificates relate to ZigBee certification and not functionality). So, if they are SMETS2 compliant they should work just as they would in the real world.

How much does it cost to become a SEC Party?

The process to become a SEC Party and all associated costs are outlined on the SECAS website at

Can other certificates be used with DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed is currently designed to function with ZAZ1 certificates only.

What versions of DUIS, GBCS and SMETS does DCC boxed support?
  • DCC Boxed will work with the latest version of DUIS (see platform manager).
  • DCC Boxed will work with the latest version of GBCS (see platform manager).
  • DCC Boxed only works with SMETS2.
How do I update the DCC Boxed software?

DCC Boxed has an inbuilt platform manager which will process all software updates. This will automatically prompt the user to download the latest version and ensure all patches are implemented.

When do DCC Boxed releases occur in relation to DCC system releases?

DCC Boxed releases will typically occur in advance of the wider DCC system releases. However, these will be managed on an ad-hoc basis as required as not every release will require a DCC Boxed update.

Are there any further costs of running DCC Boxed, beyond the purchase price?

All DCC Boxed running costs are inclusive of the £5,500 price of purchase. If you choose to purchase the optional emulators these are priced at £250.

What Service Request Variants (SRV’s) are available through use of DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed Graphical User Interface (GUI) contains a limited number of SRV’s which are pre-configured. These are limited to the following at present:

  • SR 12.2 – Device Pre-Notification
  • SR 8.2 – Read Inventory
  • SR 11.2 – Read Firmware Version
  • SR 4.11.1 – Read Tariff (Primary Element)
  • SR 8.11 – Update HAN Device Log SR
  • 8.1.1 – Commission Device

DCC Boxed contains the majority of DCC production environment SRV’s and in the following variants:

  • Non-Critical Service Request for Command to be sent to a Device via the SM WAN
  • Non-Critical Service Request for Command to be returned to the User for local delivery to a Device
  • Transform Critical Service Request and return Pre-Command to User for Correlation and Digital Signing
  • Critical Signed Pre-Command indicating Command to be sent to a Device via the SM WAN
  • Critical Signed Pre-Command indicating Command to be returned to the User for local delivery to a Device
  • Request a Non-Device Service

The SRV’s not included are as follows:

  • 5.1 - Create Schedule
  • 5.2 - Read Schedule
  • 5.3 - Delete Schedule
  • 8.3 - Decommission Device
  • 8.6 - Service Opt In
  • 8.14.1 - Communications Hub Status Update - Install Success
  • 8.14.2 - Communications Hub Status Update - Install No SM WAN
  • 8.14.3 - Communications Hub Status Update - Fault Return
  • 8.14.4 - Communications Hub Status Update - No Fault Return
  • 11.1 - Update Firmware
  • 12.1 - Request WAN Matrix
What is the plan for future development for DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed future development will be managed via the DCC Boxed owners club.

Is a SEC Party ID required to order?

If you are a registered SEC Party, you will have been provided with a SEC Party ID. As a SEC party you are eligible to purchase DCC Boxed. If you are not SEC Party and would like to purchase a copy, please visit the SECAS website to learn how you can become one. The alternative route to access DCC Boxed is to become a Testing Participant which will require additional processing to complete you order. To find out more about this, please see our product description document, to order as a testing participant, please contact our service centre directly.

Does DCC Boxed need to be connected to the internet to start up and use, or is it just for software updates?

DCC Boxed only need to be connected to the internet for software updates, not during everyday use.

The DCC recommends that for start-up you follow the instructions set out in our Unboxing Guide booklet. This recommends utilising an internet connection throughout the start-up process.

How robust is the DCC Boxed kit?

DCC Boxed is not ruggedised, not stress tested and is designed to be handled with care.

What is the product warranty period?

DCC Boxed is purchased with a 12-month warranty period.

Is there a discounted rate for bulk orders?

The way that the DCC Boxed price model works means that we are unable to offer discounted rates.

DCC Boxed is only available at a single price presently.

How do I become a member of the DCC Owners Club?

When you purchase your first DCC Boxed unit, you will automatically be enrolled as a member of the Owners Club. This will include regular working groups session where the members will be able to propose future product enhancements.

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