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What is GFI?

Working closely with industry, DCC has developed a tool that allows device manufacturers to test that their interpretation of the Great Britain Companion Specification (GBCS) aligns with the DCC’s.

Technical specifications

Take a look at what you need to run our GFI tool and software, and download the specifications below.

Previous releases

GFI supports the following test scenarios

Every outcome is covered with our comprehensive, fully emulated software.

Testing physical devices over a ZigBee network using the GFI communications hub module means our environment is replicated before before final stages of development.

Replicate the production environment with like for like testing using physical devices, an external communications hub and Interface Module.

Request a GFI kit

Order your GFI kit by emailing us at and we'll send you everything you need to get started.  Your kit will contain:

  1. GFI Comms Hub, including 2.4Ghz Zigbee Radio
  2. Grey banded Aerial for use in 868MHz testing scenarios
  3. Yellow banded Aerial for use in 916MHz testing scenarios
  4. USB Storage Drive that contains a bootable installation of Ubuntu and the GFI software Package
  5. USB A to USB Micro B or USB C for connecting GFI to your computer.
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Have you tried the GFI user manual, GFI Technical Reference Manual, the Release Note and the GFI Known Issues document? These contain lots of useful information on how to use GFI.

If you have already checked these documents and still require further assistance or want to talk about other issues, please use the button below to contact the GFI Support Team.

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