DCC consults on many topics to gather a wide range of views from individuals and organisations.

We aim to ensure that our consultations capture all relevant information and arguments, capturing points that might otherwise be overlooked, to develop an informed decision-making process.

Here is a list of open and closed consultations, alongside DCC's conclusions where applicable. 


Consultation on Initial Enrolment Project Feasibility Report

SMKI and Repository Testing (SRT)

Consultation on Additional Support Services

New Consultation on End-to-End Test Approach

DCC Plan and Implementation Milestones

Temporary maintenance schedule and BCDR testing

Review of the post-implementation temporary maintenance schedule

Other consultation information

Schedules of consultations that we will publish in the future can be found in our indicative consultation planner. You can also view responses submitted by DCC to other SMIP-related consultations (e.g. consultations issued by BEIS).

Please note that these pages contain documents on which DCC is consulting and documents associated with that consultation. A document updated following consultation and submitted to Secretary of State (or other appropriate authority) for approval will be found under the Implementation pages.