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Managing your device

DCC Boxed Owners Club

Already own DCC Boxed? Here you'll find guidance on how to use and manage your device, as well as the latest news and updates.

DCC Boxed

DCC Boxed Guidance

Update your platform

Ensure you regularly check and apply any updates within the platform manager on DCC Boxed. These updates are applied through the DCC Boxed user interface homepage.

Follow any Intel Guidance

Any updates and best practice can be found directly from Intel here.

Developer Zone

Visit our GitHub site where you can find open source resources to get you performing complex tasks on smart meters through DCC Boxed in no time. As a fun example of what is possible, check out our DCC Boxed package for Node RED (a graphical flow programming tool).

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Working group

Working Group

DCC will be running a regular working group to support DCC Boxed and GFI Users. If you are interested in joining this group, please use the contact form below to state your interest.

Product Releases

DCC Boxed is aligned with the November 2023 SEC release – all device SRVs are supported.

Got a question?

Contact the DCC Boxed team

DCC Boxed

DCC Boxed

DCC Boxed gives you the DCC infrastructure in the palm of your hand. It is designed to emulate the smart metering network, by offering a suite of testing tools that enable authorised users to better understand, enhance or develop their own solutions.

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