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Smart meter network performance

Service requests

These are 'commands' sent over the network to a smart meter, like a request for a meter reading. This graph shows the percentage of successful requests carried on the network, and the increase in volume over a year.

Service requests on the DCC network

Successful 'top-ups'

Percentage of successful pre-pay 'top-up' requests carried on the network in the last year.

Top up service requests on the DCC network

Network availability

Proportion of time when the network was operating as normal.

DCC network availability

Network availability during planned changes

How often the network ran as normal during planned upgrades.

DCC network availability during planned upgrades

First-generation smart meter connections

Percentage of SMETS1 smart meters successfully connected to the DCC network at the first attempt.

First generation smart meter connections

Second-generation smart meter connections

Percentage of SMETS2 smart meters connected within 15 minutes.

Second generation smart meter connections