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Major incident management

At the DCC, our primary priority is operating a stable, reliable and secure network with a coverage level that enables our customers to meet their roll-out targets, and enables consumers to get the most out of their smart meters.

As with any network, there are occasionally incidents which may impact performance and service availability. With 24/7 monitoring, we’re able to identify issues and begin to rectify them promptly. At the end of each month, we publish all 'Category 1' incidents so you can see the how they impacted the network and how quickly we were able to resolve them.


Incidents: May 2024

Major Incidents Table

What is a Category 1 incident?

An incident which, in the reasonable opinion of the DCC:

  • Prevents a large group of DCC Service Users from using the DCC Service User Systems
  • Has a critical adverse impact on the activities of the DCC
  • Causes significant financial loss and/or disruption to the DCC
  • Results in any material loss or corruption of DCC data

More detailed major incident reports are available for SEC parties to access via the SEC website.