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Our smart network

Protecting data on the smart meter network

Britain’s secure smart meter network

The DCC’s secure digital highway connects millions of households across the country to their energy usage data.

Privacy by Design

The smart meter network was designed with security at its core, alongside the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – part of GCHQ. Smart meters do not use the internet, and they have their own closed, dedicated communications system.


How do we protect smart meter data?

The smart meter network uses two layers of encryption, and the most important data passes over our network without us having the ability to see it. Personal information such as your name, address and bank details are not stored on your smart meter.

Smart meters simply record your gas and electricity readings in the same way as your traditional meter. Only your supplier (or third parties when given explicit permission from the consumer) can see how much energy you are using and when.

Technical Operations Centre

Our Technical Operations Centre is the nerve centre of Britain's secure smart meter network.

Our teams monitor the network 24/7 and if any potential issues are detected, we take the necessary action to protect the network.

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Technical Operations Centre

Making data privacy part of our culture

We have a dedicated Information Governance and Data Protection function, within our Security Team, which is responsible for ensuring that we comply with all our legal obligations under the data protection laws and embedding good practice.

We have been working with security specialists Bob’s Business to make sure cyber-awareness and data privacy is embedded into the practices and culture of our business.

Bob’s Business uses distinctive, creative storytelling techniques to engage and entertain everyone – cybersecurity training that people actually enjoy. By combining relatable narratives with social proof techniques and careful framing, they encourage positive behaviours and help build cybersecurity culture.

Why not take a look at some of the blogs we’ve produced in collaboration with Bob’s Business to help you understand data privacy and how you can protect yourself from cyberattacks.


New challenges in the world of cybersecurity

Cyberattacks make possible a scale of criminality that is beyond anything seen in the physical world. A traditional thief or burglar is very limited compared to the scale cybercriminals operate on - just 1GB of data translates to about 150 reams of paper.

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People using tech

A world of connected networks: What could possibly go wrong?

No network operates autonomously, without connection to others; our homes and offices were once islands. Today, they’re connected. So, you’re sitting at home on your network; what are the potential dangers?

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Smart Energy GB

Smart Energy GB is the not-for-profit campaign helping everyone in Britain understand the importance of smart meters and their benefits to people and the environment.
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