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SEC Subsidiary Document Changes for Enduring Change of Supplier Arrangements

This consultation seeks stakeholder views on proposed changes to the following SEC Subsidiary Documents required for the “Enduring Change of Supplier” (ECoS) arrangements:

·        DCC User Interface Services Schedule (Appendix E)

·        Threshold Anomaly Detection Procedures (Appendix AA)

·        Service Request Processing Document (Appendix AB)

·        Inventory Enrolment and Decommissioning Procedures (Appendix AC)

·        DCC User Interface Specification (Appendix AD).

The proposed changes to the SEC Subsidiary Documents listed above are attached to this consultation as redlined track changes. The attached consultation overview document summarises those changes and provides further context and background information.


This consultation also seeks views on a change to the initial version of the ECoS Transition and Migration Approach Document (ETMAD) that the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has previously consulted on.

 The initial version of the ETMAD is planned for designation at the time when the current SEC main body changes for ECoS that are currently before Parliament are due to come into effect in mid-October 2021.


Lastly, this consultation seeks an indication from Supplier Parties, whether they intend to carry out testing of User Systems to verify that they can successfully submit ‘Update Security Credentials (CoS)’ Service Requests under the ECoS arrangements and have them successfully processed.


The closing date for this consultation is Friday, 5 November 2021. We do however require any views in response to Question 2 of this consultation (regarding the ETMAD) by 13 October 2021.