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DCC Boxed. Where are we now?

Since the last update in June 2021, we've taken the findings from our survey and built these into the product development, working closely with SECAS and other partner organisations.
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What we’ve done so far

1. We've carried out the design, build and test phases for DCC Boxed product, this is now ready for the November 2021 release.

2. Designed enduring support service to provide access to DCC Boxed at the agreed price point.

3. Raised the SEC Modification needed to enable the product to be sold as an explicit charge.

Whilst technically the DCC Boxed product is ready, it still needs to go through the SEC MOD process before we can make it available to our customers. We are working with SECAS to bring this to you as soon as we can.

Following survey feedback from customers, DCC has raised a SEC modification to introduce changes to the SEC to allow the sale of DCC Boxed to interested parties. We submitted our Draft Proposal problem statement to SECAS on 29 June. SECAS presented the problem statement to the Change Sub-Committee for information on 31 August. We are waiting for confirmation of when this draft proposal will enter the refinement process but would encourage customers to reach out to SECAS if they are interested in joining the working group during this next stage. 

In the meantime, it’s still possible to access the product at our labs in Brabazon House. If this is of interest, please get in touch.

What is DCC Boxed?

DCC Boxed enables true end-to-end testing across the entire DCC ecosystem from DCC User Interface Gateway to the device set. You can prove and optimise your solutions end-to-end enabling earlier identification and more efficient triage of defects, reducing testing costs and “false start” deployments.

DCC Boxed can help reduce installation failures and delivery times. The product also supports accurate real time simulation of installation events in a training environment, as well as a number of other valuable use cases.

You can find more information in our DCC Boxed – Public Survey pack.

We’re looking forward to bringing this product to you as soon as we can and in the meantime please do get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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