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DCC Boxed Customer Survey – The Results

Man completing survey

The DCC ran a survey to understand our customer and wider stakeholder sentiment towards an enhanced product that we’ve named DCC Boxed. This survey ran from 26th March , closing on the 14th May.

To ensure we reached as many of our customers and wider stakeholder groups as possible, the survey was published on the 26th March via key customer channels including direct email communications, governance groups, the DCC website news page and the Customer Engagement Portal.

Many thanks to all those who took the time to respond to the survey which achieved 34 responses – an encouraging response rate.

Summary findings

The DCC believe that the responses support a positive outcome in the following:

  • There is sufficient User demand for the DCC Boxed product
  • The £5.5k price point is attractive to support sales of DCC Boxed
  • DCC should make this available via an explicit charge
  • DCC should raise a new SEC MOD for DCC Boxed
  • DCC should explore the option to hire DCC Boxed in the future

Next steps

We will continue to review the comments and context behind the results received, together with discussing DCC User views on the proposal of a SEC Modification.

More details of the next steps will be announced in June as we set out in our initial survey briefing. In the meantime, we will keep updating you on DCC Boxed at key forums and events utilising the opportunity to demonstrate the product in action.