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DCC Boxed – Sharing Next Steps

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Earlier this year, DCC ran a customer survey on our new proposed product called DCC Boxed.

We published the outputs of this survey in April, and we can now share our next steps as promised when we launched the survey.

You said:

Our summary findings from the survey were as follows:

  • There is sufficient User demand for the DCC Boxed product
  • The £5.5k price point is attractive to support sales of DCC Boxed
  • DCC should make this available via an explicit charge
  • DCC should raise a new SEC MOD for DCC Boxed
  • DCC should explore the option to hire DCC Boxed in the future

Based on what you’ve told us, what are we doing:

  • DCC have raised a draft proposal
  • As part of this SEC Modification we have a defined problem statement and will be proposing the explicit charge
  • We will continue to engage with customers about the optimal route to market

Thank you again for participating in our survey, we look forward to bringing this product to you as soon as we can.

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