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SMETS1 Consultation – Initial Closure Matters

A SMETS1 consultation on a proposal by DCC to amend the rules for Requesting Party Decommissioning, reduce testing services for a cohort once the relevant Requesting Party is decommissioned, and end Migrations for MOC (MDS).

This ‘SMETS1 Consultation – Initial Closure Matters’ covers a range of regulatory matters related to closing aspects of the SMETS1 Migration service:

  • changes to the process in the TMAD for decommissioning each Requesting Party;
  • a proposal to decommission the Requesting Party for MOC (MDS);
  • partial decommissioning of the DMCT Process aligned to closure of Migration DUST;
  • restrictions on PPCT for each cohort aligned to decommissioning the relevant Requesting Party; and
  • partial decommissioning of Migration DUST for IOC and MOC (MDS).

We are seeking your views on our proposals using the provided response template. Please send us your comments by 1200 on 3 May 2022 via as we’re aiming to conclude on this consultation by 13 May 2022.