SMETS1 migration updates

Update: 06 June 2019

DCC has concluded on the consultations relating to the Migration Scaling Methodology, the Migration Authorisation Mechanism and the Migration Reporting Regime. In accordance with the Transition and Migration Approach Document (TMAD), DCC intends to bring these documents into effect on 20 June 2019, specific details of each document are as follows:

- In accordance with Section 4.41 of TMAD, DCC intends to bring the Migration Authorisation Mechanism into effect 20 June 2019.

- In accordance with Section 4.12 (b) of TMAD, Migration Scaling Methodology will come into effect on 20 June 2019.

- In accordance with Section 4.45(b) of TMAD, the Migration Reporting Regime will come into effect on 20 June 2019

Below, please find the conclusions, as well as copies of the document including the associated csv files and excel documents.

20190603 Conclusion on TMAD Subsidiary documents

Migration scaling methodology:

20190603 Conclusion on TMAD Subsidiary documents


SMETS1_Migration_Scaling_Methodology_v3.0 redlined

SMETS1 Migration Demand Template v1.0



Under Migration authorisation mechanism:

SMETS1-migration-authorisation-mechanism-v2.0 clean

SMETS1-migration-authorisation-mechanism-v2.0 redlined

SMETS1 Migration Authorisation v0.6

SMETS1 Dormant Meter FW Upgrade Schedule Notification v0.3

SMETS1 Dormant Meter Migration Schedule Notification v0.5

Sample MA_cgI_70-B3-D5-1F-30-00-A0-08_20190407_182503

Sample MAPASSWORD_CGI_70-B3-D5-1F-30-00-A0-08_20190407_182503

Migration Reporting Regime:

SMETS1 Migration Reporting Regime V2.0 clean

SMETS1 Migration Reporting Regime v2.0 revision marked against V1

UPDATE: 13 May 2019

DCC have revised version 1.0 of the ‘SMETS1 Migration: A Guide for DCC Users’ to include some non-material changes.  The guide is now at version 2.0

DCC SMETS1 Installation Migration Guide for Industry v2.0

UPDATE: 27 March 2019

DCC are pleased to publish this ‘SMETS1 Migration: A Guide for DCC Users’.  The primary purpose of this document is to provide a plain English guide that helps DCC Users gain an understanding of SMETS1 smart meters and their migration to the DCC.  Whilst of particular interest to Suppliers, this guide recognises that the SMETS1 migration also impacts Network Operators, Registered Supplier Agents (RSAs) and Other Users (OUs).

DCC SMETS1 Installation Migration Guide for Industry v1.0

UPDATE: 01 November 2018

In response to queries asking for a refresh of the technical migration process flow. DCC has issued the attached Migration Process Flow. It has been updated to incorporate TMAD v0.2 proposals, specifically the planning, scheduling and authorisation activities. This can be seen as an additional phase prior to the Data Validation/Device Testing/Commissioning phases. There are some minor clarifications to the technical migration process. Please note there are not material technical charges to the phases Data Validation/Device Test/Commissioning-which have already been shared and discussed with SEC parties in previous bilaterals and multilaterals.

SMETS1 Migration - Process flow for active meter migrations

In case of any questions, stakeholders are invited to submit these to