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GBCS Integration Testing for Industry (GFI)

GBCS Integration Testing for Industry, or GFI, is a free software tool, developed by the DCC to share the interpretation of Great Britain Companion Specifications (GBCS) for SMETS 2 smart metering devices (ESME, GSME, IHD, PPMID, CAD and HCALCS) with industry parties.

The tool allows users to emulate sending and receiving GBCS messages to help identify any potential differences between how parties have interpreted the specifications in comparison with the DCC interpretation.  GFI enables parties to test with all smart metering devices (ESME, GSME, IHD, PPMID, CAD and HCALCS) with the corresponding Use Cases covered within GBCS. The tool has the capability to emulate a Communications Hub to enable testing with real smart metering devices.

Supplied with the GFI kit is a specifically-programmed USB ZigBee radio which allows the tool to communicate with real or emulated smart metering devices. 

For any further queries or assistance please contact GFI Support at

If you would like a copy of GFI, email to register your interest and the team will arrange for a copy to be shipped to you.

GFI only supports machines with the following specification:



Core i3 CPU

Core i5 CPU



128GB SATA 7200RPM

128GB SSD or higher

UK spec and keyboard

UK spec and keyboard

Free USB 2.0 port

Free USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port

Certified to run Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS

Certified to run Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS (Dell or Lenovo)

Intel graphics chipset i810

Intel graphics chipsets newer than and including i810 (with the exception of GMA 500)

Internet Connection

Wired Internet Connection (e.g. IEEE 802.3)

2 GB Free HDD

2 GB Free HDD

Important note

GFI is only supported on Linux and the installation process will format the machine on which it is to be installed, install a clean Linux operating system and then install GFI.

Have you tried the GFI user manual, GFI Technical Reference Manual, the Release Note and the GFI Known Issues document? These contain lots of useful information on how to use GFI. 

Still having trouble? If so, email

GFI 1.X.X useful documents


GFI R2.0.0 useful documents

GFI R2.0.0 release Note

GFI-3.0.0 useful documents

Release Note

Known Issues

Firmware Update Firmware

GUI Manual

Installation Manual

Segmented Processing

Technical Reference Manual

Triage Tool User Manual

SMITEn Lite Installation User Manual


GFI-3.0.1 useful documents











GFI-3.0.2 useful documents











GFI-3.1.0 useful documents 











GFI-3.1.1-Release useful documents 

GFI 3.1.1 Release Note.pdf

GFI 3.1.1 Known Issues

GFI 3.1.1 Firmware Update Firmware

GFI 3.1.1 GUI Manual

GFI 3.1.1 Installation Manual

GFI 3.1.1 Segmented Processing

GFI 3.1.1 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 3.1.1 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 3.1.1 SMITEn-Lite-Installation-User-Manual


GFI 3.2.0 Release useful documents

GFI 3.2.0 Release note.pdf

GFI 3.2.0 Known issues

GFI 3.2.0 Firmware update manual

GFI 3.2.0 GUI manual

GFI 3.2.0 Installation manual

GFI 3.2.0 Segmented processing

GFI 3.2.0 Technical reference manual

GFI 3.2.0 Triage tool user manual

GFI 3.2.0 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 3.2.1 Release useful documents 

GFI 3.2.1 Release note.pdf

GFI 3.2.1 Known issues

GFI 3.2.1 Firmware update firmware

GFI 3.2.1 GUI manual

GFI 3.2.1 Installation manual

GFI 3.2.1 Segmented processing

GFI 3.2.1 Technical reference manual

GFI 3.2.1 Triage tool user manual

GFI 3.2.1 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 3.3.0 Release useful documents 

GFI 3.3.0 Release note.pdf

GFI 3.3.0 Known issues

GFI 3.3.0 Firmware update firmware

GFI 3.3.0 GUI manual

GFI 3.3.0 Installation manual

GFI 3.3.0 Segmented processing

GFI 3.3.0 Technical reference manual

GFI 3.3.0 Triage tool user manual

GFI 3.3.0 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 4.0.0 Release useful documents 

GFI 4.0.0 Release note.pdf

GFI 4.0.0 Known issues

GFI 4.0.0 Firmware update firmware

GFI 4.0.0 GUI manual

GFI 4.0.0 Installation manual

GFI 4.0.0 Segmented processing

GFI 4.0.0 Technical reference manual

GFI 4.0.0 Triage tool user manual

GFI 4.0.0 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 4.0.1 Release useful documents 

GFI 4.0.1 Release note.pdf

GFI 4.0.1 Known issues

GFI 4.0.1 Firmware update firmware

GFI 4.0.1 GUI manual

GFI 4.0.1 Installation manual

GFI 4.0.1 Segmented processing

GFI 4.0.1 Technical reference manual

GFI 4.0.1 Triage tool user manual

GFI 4.0.1 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 4.1.0 Release useful documents 

GFI 4.1.0 Release note.pdf

GFI 4.1.0 Known issues

GFI 4.1.0 Firmware update firmware

GFI 4.1.0 GUI manual

GFI 4.1.0 Installation manual

GFI 4.1.0 Segmented processing

GFI 4.1.0 Technical reference manual

GFI 4.1.0 Triage tool user manual

GFI 4.1.0 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 4.2.0 Release useful documents 

GFI 4.2.0 Release note

GFI 4.2.0 Known issues

GFI 4.2.0 Firmware update firmware

GFI 4.2.0 GUI manual

GFI 4.2.0 Installation manual

GFI 4.2.0 Segmented processing

GFI 4.2.0 Technical reference manual

GFI 4.2.0 Triage tool user manual

GFI 4.2.0 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 4.2.1 useful documents 

GFI 4.2.1 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.1 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.1 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.1 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.1 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.1 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.1 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.1 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.0 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.2.2 useful documents 

GFI 4.2.2 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.2 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.2 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.2 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.2 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.2 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.2 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.2 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.2 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.2.3 useful documents

GFI 4.2.3 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.3 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.3 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.3 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.3 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.3 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.3 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.3 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.3 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.2.4 Release and Documentation

GFI 4.2.4 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.4 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.4 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.4 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.4 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.4 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.4 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.4 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.4 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.2.5 Release and Documentation

GFI 4.2.5 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.5 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.5 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.5 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.5 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.5 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.5 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.5 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.5 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.2.6 Release and Documentation

GFI 4.2.6 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.6 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.6 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.6 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.6 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.6 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.6 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.6 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.6 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.2.7 Release and Documentation

GFI 4.2.7 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.7 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.7 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.7 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.7 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.7 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.7 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.7 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.7 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.2.8 Release and Documentation

GFI 4.2.8 Release note.pdf

GFI 4.2.8 Known Issues Report

GFI 4.2.8 Firmware update firmware

GFI 4.2.8 GUI manual

GFI 4.2.8 Installation manual

GFI 4.2.8 Segmented processing

GFI 4.2.8 Technical reference manual

GFI 4.2.8 Triage tool user manual

GFI 4.2.8 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual


GFI 4.2.9 Release and Documentation

GFI 4.2.9 Release Notes

GFI 4.2.9 Known Issues

GFI 4.2.9 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.2.9 GUI Manual

GFI 4.2.9 Installation Manual

GFI 4.2.9 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.2.9 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.2.9 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.2.9 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)


GFI 4.3.0 Release & Documentation

GFI 4.3.0 Release Notes

GFI 4.3.0 Known Issues

GFI 4.3.0 Firmware Update Manual

GFI 4.3.0 GUI Manual

GFI 4.3.0 Installation Manual

GFI 4.3.0 Segmented Processing

GFI 4.3.0 Technical Reference Manual

GFI 4.3.0 Triage Tool User Manual

GFI 4.3.0 SMITEn-Lite-Installation user manual

End User License Agreement (EULA)