Parse and Correlate

Parse and Correlate software enables Users to issue critical commands to Devices, such as smart meters and Communications Hubs, in XML to ensure they correlate to the same command in Home Area Network (HAN)-ready format. It will also parse responses in HAN format from Devices into XML to enable them to be read by User systems.

The Parse & Correlate software naming convention has been aligned to GBCS, the DCC User Interface Specification (DUIS), and the Message Mapping Catalogue (MMC). 

This version of P&C is aligned with version 4 of the DUIS, MMC and GBCS.

DCC is making the D4-G4-1.1 version of Parse & Correlate version available via the DCC website in line with its Smart Energy Code (SEC) obligation to make the software available to any person that requests it. The first step in the download process is to select one of the two options below.