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SMETS1 Consultation – Various 1

A SMETS1 consultation on a proposal by DCC to exclude / unblock certain categories of SMETS1 Installations from Migration, extend the Expiry Date for the TMAD, and propose that specified DMCs are not economic to test under the DMCT Process in the SMETS1 SVTAD.

This ‘SMETS1 Various 1 Consultation’ covers a range of regulatory matters related to SMETS1 as per the points below:

(i) amendments to the maximising migration process in the TMAD (as requested by BEIS) and consequential SMETS1 SVTAD amendments;

(ii) proposals for four distinct exclusion categories where migrations will not be pursued:

a. missing master keys;

b. no WAN communications before migration (to support firmware upgrade and configuration);

c. no WAN communications attempting migration; and

d. at least five migration attempts (i.e. consistent failures to migrate);

(iii) proposal to migrate only the electricity meter (within a SMETS1 Installation) and a corresponding exclusion of the gas meter due to HAN related errors (GT01);

(iv) proposal that ce­-rtain DMCs are uneconomic to test under the DMCT Process and a corresponding exclusion for the impacted SMETS1 Installations;

(v) an update on the definition change SMETS1 PPMID changes for FOC; and

(vi) extending the TMAD expiry date to be 31 December 2022.

Given the range of matters within this consultation, DCC is also holding a stakeholder briefing on matters covered by this consultation on 3 November 2021 between 1430 and 1530 via Microsoft Teams to enhance the effectiveness of the consultation. Please email if you wish to be invited to this briefing.


We are seeking your views on our proposals using the provided response template. Please send us your comments by 1600 on 12 November via as we’re aiming to conclude on this consultation by 26 November 2021.