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Consultation on the delivery plan for Network Evolution – Data Services Provider

On 29 January 2021 the DCC was Directed by BEIS to produce an implementation plan for DSP. This Consultation is intended to inform our customers and other stakeholders of DCC’s planned activity in relation to the DSP Procurement activities.

The Network Evolution Programme (NEP) is a DCC initiative geared towards defining and delivering the organisation’s future operating capability and includes the Data Services Provider programme.

The objective of this programme is to design and procure data services which enable continuity of service beyond the lifetime of the existing services, whilst meeting customers evolving business needs and exploring use of new technology to deliver better value for our customers.

We are seeking your views on our proposals using the provided response template. Please send us your comments by 17:00 on 8th October 2021 via

We will also be hosting a call on 28th September 2021. The objective of this call is to give customers an opportunity to ask clarification questions about the consultation ahead of submitting their response. To make the session as efficient as possible, we assume that stakeholders will already be familiar with the document. Please register your interest by emailing