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Dual Band Communications Hubs

A smart metering installation usually includes gas and electricity smart meters, an In Home Display (IHD) and a Communications Hub (Comms Hub). These devices will communicate with each other via a Home Area Network (HAN) which is generated by the Comms Hub.

The current Comms Hub have a single band 2.4 GHz HAN frequency and are known as Single Band Comms Hubs (SBCH) and should provide HAN coverage in approximately 70% of GB premises. In some instances, BEIS has determined that an additional variant of Comms Hub will be required, which uses a HAN frequency of 868MHz along with the existing 2.4GHz frequency: a Dual Band Comms Hub (DBCH) which is expected to increase coverage in up to 96.5%  of GB premises.  The provision of DBCH will be implemented through Release 2.0 and will enable the installation of Smart Metering Systems for an increased proportion of Great Britain homes.