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The DCC infrastructure in the palm of your hand

As product owner for DCC Boxed, Jordan Cooper introduces this innovative new product which emulates the smart metering network, offering a suite of testing tools that enable users to better understand, enhance and develop their own solutions.

DCC Boxed is a test tool that provides a representative environment of our network, which will eventually connect over 30 million homes with 53 million smart meters – and there are already over 20 million meters connected to the network. This is clearly powerful stuff for UK plc as we try to navigate the transition to a greener, more flexible and connected energy market.

DCC Boxed provides a simple and representative test environment which emulates our unique network – offering users an effective way of exploring different scenarios and the various implications without impacting the live network or generating significant costs. DCC Boxed delivers this through its emulated environment and Graphical User Interface (GUI) which makes using the product simple and productive.

Product details

Product details

DCC Boxed means so much to me because it’s at the heart of what the DCC should be doing – better supporting our stakeholders, in a way that’s appropriate for our market position. It’s a product that can be utilised by a number of market actors to support solving various challenges, as we outline in a number of use cases. Furthermore, DCC Boxed will achieve cost neutrality through sales, meaning that those who use the product, ultimately pay for the benefit of utilising it rather than the market as a whole.

DCC Boxed

Jordan Cooper, DCC Boxed Product Owner

We don’t plan to stop discussing DCC Boxed following our launch event. Alongside its users, we want to keep exploring the ways DCC Boxed can be used and the various benefits it can bring, ensuring it continues to work for you and is utilised to its full potential. With that in mind, I recently attended Utility Week Live where we demonstrated our hydrogen meter proof of concept, utilising DCC Boxed, and had many great conversations about how it could be used by various stakeholders.

Utility Week Live

(L-R) Product Owner Jordan Cooper with Innovation Director Chris Barlow at Utility Week Live.

When you are ready, remember that it’s easy to order DCC Boxed, so that you can start enjoying the benefits that it can deliver. On our dedicated DCC Boxed page, you will find a simple to complete order form that allows you to specify your order quantity for standard kits and emulators. Once you have submitted your order, we will despatch the kit to your UK address along with a simple product setup guide to help you get started.

I truly hope you enjoy DCC Boxed and make the most of it. We always value your feedback at DCC, so we are happy to hear your thoughts including what you think works, or what we can improve in the future. We are genuinely excited and interested to see how our stakeholders use DCC Boxed and want to continue to develop the product going forward so that it best meets your needs. We have already scoped a number of potential future enhancements, which we hope to discuss at our upcoming working groups with the DCC Boxed owners, so that we can explore implementing them.

I look forward to speaking with you in the future about your use of DCC Boxed!

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Product Owner, DCC Boxed

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