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Strongest year for energy data growth is helping tackle fuel poverty

The DCC’s national smart meter network grew by over 6.3 million meters in 2022 - a 37% increase. There was also a significant increase in the data carried across the network: 12.1 billion messages were sent, up from 6.3 billion the previous year – a 91% increase.

This extra data will empower the grid to do more with less, while also helping support those in fuel poverty. Smart meter data allows energy providers to get a true picture of energy use, allowing the grid to turn on and off production as needed. A more efficient network is a key part of the nation’s shift away from fossil fuels towards renewables.

The smart meter network is helping deliver wider benefits. This year we saw organisations use anonymised smart meter data to help map and target support for people in fuel poverty. The smart meter network is estimated to be helping households and businesses prevent the release of nearly 700,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

On January 3rd the network passed 14 million second-generation meters, with EDF connecting an electricity meter in Weston-super-Mare. While 9.7 million first-generation meters have now been migrated onto the nation’s smart meter network – restoring smart functionality to these older devices, allowing them to switch energy suppliers seamlessly. There now nearly 60 million devices connected to the network, including meters, displays, and communication hubs.

Angus Flett, DCC’s CEO commented: “The smart meter network has had another strong year growing 37%, while data sent across the network almost doubled. It is great to see energy data increase at such pace -- this information is allowing the grid to do more with less. Breaking the nation’s reliance on fossil fuels will help us avoid future energy crises, and progress towards our Net Zero ambition. The past year’s growth is thanks again to the hard work of the DCC’s customers, our suppliers and amazing staff. Together we’re connecting Britain, to help people lead smarter, greener lives.”

Highlights from 2022

In addition, there were a number of DCC and partner(s) highlights during 2022 including:

  • Using data to tackle fuel poverty – The DCC was able to support an Energy Systems Catapult Modernising Energy Data Application (MEDApps) project that utilised DCC smart meter system data (among other data sets) to help identify consumers who are at risk of or are in fuel poverty. Aimed at businesses who are obliged to deliver energy efficiency measures, ‘UZero’ will allow energy suppliers, housing associations, and local authorities to deliver targeted support.
  • Innovating on the network - ‘DCC Boxed’ was launched. It is designed to emulate the smart metering network by offering a suite of testing tools that enable authorised users to better understand, enhance or develop new products.
  • Modernising systems for faster switching - The DCC was a key delivery partner of the Ofgem-led project that successfully delivered the ‘Faster, More Reliable Switching Programme’. This improves consumers’ experience, enabling them to switch their energy supplier within five working days. In the near future consumers will be able to switch the same day.

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