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STEM from home: Renewable Energy

We’re proud to partner with CGI on their environment-themed STEM from Home series.
Girl using smart tech

At the DCC, we believe in making Britain more connected so we can lead smarter, greener lives. A crucial part of holding ourselves accountable to this is empowering younger generations to know how to protect our planet and reduce their carbon footprint. We’re proud to partner with CGI on their environment-themed #STEMfromHome series, to help children do just that.

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The first pack explores how technology is transforming smart homes and enables children to learn about the technology behind smart homes, research smart meters, discover how homes are powered and design a smart home of their own!

Our second pack produced in collaboration with CGI looks at how the world is adapting to renewable energy. Research how renewable energy works, code energy challenges, discover its benefits, attempt a word search and design a renewable energy magazine. 

STEM pack

At the DCC, we provide products and services that enable the communication of energy use in our homes and businesses with energy suppliers and network operators. This helps people to reduce energy costs, while saving the planet! CGI helps the DCC to design, build and manage the technology behind smart meters for homes across the UK.

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