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Powering great relationships: Lesley Beavis

When Lesley Beavis joined DCC five years ago as a Relationship Service Manager, the first suggestion she made was simple; instead of referring to ‘service users’, DCC should be talking about ‘Customers.’ With over 26 years as a Senior Relationship Manager and experience in the energy industry, Lesley knew more than most about what we needed to do in this area.

Lesley is part of DCC’s Relationship Service Management team who are the operational focal point between DCC and all the energy providers we work for. It’s their job to ensure customers are confident and happy on everything smart meter related. Day-to-day, that means Lesley could be helping customers understand their operational performance versus industry, solving a specific challenge, removing installation blockers and pain points, while also supporting our customers in meeting their regulatory obligations.

Lesley and the team attend regular Service and bilateral reviews with Customers which is backed up by workshops and informal meetings, this ensures Customers have clear performance visibility across their Smart Meter Estate. By sharing live performance dashboards, DCC is able to provide Customers with valuable insight they need to support the delivery of optimum performance.

“The Relationship Service Management Team have built strong relationships over the years with our Customers, this trust is an enabler to drive value and performance. We always treat Customers equally, fairly and with integrity, whether they’re small or large.”

Lesley’s role is two-way. As well as managing customers’ day to day challenges, Lesley also works with other DCC functions, such as Programme, Testing and Logistics, representing the voice of the Customer and balancing that with a DCC perspective. Whether it’s a new innovative discussion, or an on-going project, Lesley will find the correct technical support that’s required to progress in-depth discussions and outcomes with the Customer.

For Lesley, the power of the Relationship Service Management team is its ability to drive successful outcomes for customers. This is only possible because of the combination of knowing the customers business and strategy, what is high on their agenda and establishing the support they need from a DCC perspective.

“We know what our Customers issues are, their pain points and what matters to them, we have that knowledge. And we also have good Customer skills and a team with deep experience in multiple sectors.”

The Relationship Service Management team aren’t reactive. Lesley prides herself on being proactive in identifying industry issues that impact Customers, while also sharing information gleaned with the wider DCC teams and introducing service improvement plans. Lesley recently identified an opportunity to improve successful smart meter install and commissioning, across the Central and South of England working with various customers and the service provider. By working collaboratively across all parties, Lesley developed a plan for how to improve the installation process in line with regulatory obligations. Meetings were scheduled with Customers to track their performance improvements, which resulted in a huge decrease in outstanding incidents and a cleaning up of their estate for devices that were not fully installed and commissioned.

“It's been an exciting and insightful service improvement plan. I’ve had great support from all parties, which has demonstrated excellent results and increased performance across their estate.”

"It’s been a huge learning curve, but we’ve made some good headway by making customers aware of the correct process to complete their smart meter install and commissioning successfully, which ultimately provides their customers with a better consumer experience. There’s still some way to go, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

What really defines the power of Lesley’s role, and her team is their passion to deliver success. Lesley knows that the reason they provide excellent service is because they care and want to make a difference every day.  That’s something you can’t really learn or teach but is something that inspires them to provide an excellent customer experience.

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