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Manchester MP Mike Kane visits heart of Britain's digital energy system

Mike Kane, MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East and Shadow Aviation Minister visited the Manchester-based HQ of the Data Communications Company (DCC).
Manchester MP Mike Kane

We were delighted to welcome local MP and Shadow Aviation Minister Mike Kane to our Manchester headquarters, Brabazon House. During the visit, discussions focused on the progress of the national roll-out, and how smart meter data could be used to support policy implementation to improve the energy efficiency of Britain’s homes and reduce fuel poverty.

The visit provided Kane with a first-hand look at how DCC connects homes and small businesses to the smart metering network and puts people in control of their energy usage with near real-time data and more accurate billing. With over 30 million meters now connected, the DCC also demonstrated how it is a critical part of the nation’s energy infrastructure with an increasingly important role to play in the smart energy system, for example in maintaining grid balance and stability, and facilitating the integration of renewable energy sources.

Discussions also focused on how the smart meter network can be harnessed to address policy issues. For the second winter in a row, the smart meter network has enabled the Electricity System Operator’s (ESO) Demand Flexibility Service (DFS), which rewards consumers for using energy appliances at low-peak times and helps to balance the grid. The insights from smart meter data can also be used to combat fuel poverty, such as our award-winning uZero partnership with UrbanTide.

Stève Hervouet, Chief Strategy and Regulations Officer of DCC, said:

"It was a pleasure to host Mike Kane at Brabazon House again and build on our previous discussions around our role in Britain’s energy system, as well as looking beyond this to how the network can support Mike in meeting other challenges in his constituency, including high energy bills, energy efficiency and cutting carbon emission.

“Following our recent visit from the Energy, Security and Net Zero Committee, it’s really positive to see that the benefits of the smart meter network are being widely recognised by our local MPs. We look forward to continuing to engage with policymakers to ensure that we maximise the value of this national asset to accelerate decarbonisation and drive social good.”

Mike Kane, MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East, said:

“Visiting DCC is always a fascinating opportunity to see the important work that goes in to running a critical piece of national infrastructure, right here in Greater Manchester.”

“The smart meter network is putting households in charge of their energy usage, as well as offering wider benefits including cost and energy savings. It was also interesting to learn more about how anonymised smart meter data can be used to deliver wider social benefit, such as helping local authorities to target measures to address the issues faced by the significant number of British households in fuel poverty.”