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Interoperability, Interchangeability and Innovation Test Event

Join us for our next test event which runs from 25 June to 4 July and will be held at the DCC’s Operations Centre in Manchester.

Interoperability, Interchangeability & Innovation Test Events take place five times per year and are hosted and chaired by DCC Devices Team specialists. They are attended by technical, architecture and development functions from the DCC Service Providers and industry device manufacturers. The DCC Devices Team are technical and product owners for these events, which are recognised industry wide by DESNZ (formerly BEIS), DCC Users, Manufacturers and Service Providers.

The test events run for 8 days across 2 weeks and are outside of the programme driven environments such as PIT & SIT or the customer focus environments in UIT. They enable low level functional and non-functional testing, which is focused on HAN interoperability at a ZigBee level, technical specification ambiguity in industry, new functionality introduced in specification changes or improvements, as well as prototype hardware/future technology testing.

The events are the only place in the wider smart metering industry/ecosystem where the DCC, service providers and device manufacturers are in the same room at the same time without customers and are openly testing, discussing issues, making technical decisions and applying development changes.

Interested in attending an event?

Requests to attend these events can be made via the DCC Devices Team Account Management framework for all device manufacturers with an existing agreement, or requests can be made through Smart Metering industry forums, such as BEAMA or the EUA.

For additional information or general enquiries regarding future test events, please complete the form below.

Event Details

Tue, 25 Jun 2024
08:30 - 17:30