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Delivering a Digitalised Energy System

The Data Communications Company has welcomed the Energy Digitalisation Taskforce’s report published today, Delivering a Digitalised Energy System.

DCC’s CEO, Angus Flett, said: “Laura Sandys and her fellow experts on the Taskforce have outlined a compelling vision for the role that digitalisation will play in transforming Britain’s energy system and equipping us for the journey to Net Zero. The DCC welcomes the report and its recommendations. Our secure network is already built and is a central element of the digital spine described in today’s report. The Government already calls our platform ‘the backbone of a new digital energy infrastructure’ – it’s a network which enables interoperability for consumers and providers, under high levels of cyber security endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre.”

The DCC Chairman, Richard McCarthy, added: “It’s exciting to see the debate progress about making greater use of smart meter data, for public benefit. We agree with the EDTF, however, that safeguarding consumers should be a paramount consideration as we all strive to improve the way the energy system works for them, and to move towards a smarter, greener economy.”