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To round off National Apprenticeship Week, our Chief Regulatory Officer, Siobhan Stanger, who is also our lead on Community & Youth Engagement, shares her thoughts on the importance of helping the next generation of workers and how we can be part of the effort to bounce back from the COVID pandemic.

As our ExCo lead on Community and Youth engagement, I’m proud of the efforts that the DCC are making to be an inclusive employer. Providing opportunities for everyone is a priority at the DCC, which is why we launched our first ever Degree Apprenticeship Programme last year. Our four apprentices joined us in September to complete our four-year degree apprenticeship scheme. They are now five months into their new roles and have settled in really well.   

Helping the next generation of workers to enter the market confidently is also very important to us, which is why we have recently signed up to work with Making the Leap, a London based charity that improves social mobility by raising young adults aspirations and increasing opportunities for them. 20 volunteers from the DCC will be helping schoolchildren in BAME communities later this year to learn essential workplace skills, by hosting practice interviews and sharing their expertise and advice.

2020 demanded a lot more flexibility from the UK workforce, and 2021 asks more of the same. The DCC is determined to rise to that challenge and be part of the successful economic and social bounce back from the COVID pandemic, by ensuring young people from all walks of life have equal opportunity to gain experience and create a fulfilling career for themselves.

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Siobhan Stanger

Chief Regulatory Officer

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