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Creating deeper insight and more agile responses

Robbie MacIntosh, our Director Of Data and Analytics, shares how machine learning and cloud-based infrastructure will provide deeper insight for our customers and a more agile responsive team for the DCC.
Machine learning

As we move into 2021, I’m setting out the plans with my team on what we need to deliver to support the continued rollout of SMETS2 meters, the migration of SMETS1 meters and also the use and performance of the network and services we provide at the DCC. 

This month, we will go live with the SECMod (Smart Energy Code) which was requested by industry to leverage the power of the machine learning that myself and the team created to monitor and manage DCC network performance. 

This enhancement will enable us to continually improve the service we offer to our customers. Ofgem themselves are utilising this same methodology to manage the DCC’s performance in our OPR (Operational Performance Regime). 

We are also setting out our plans with industry for customer analytics reporting, offering a highly tailored and advanced analytics platform and service for everyone to leverage. Cumbersome PDF and Excel files on SharePoint will become a thing of the past as we aim to offer live and interactive reporting and dashboarding. 

"We can offer insight that no one else can, given our unique position of being able to see everyone’s performance and experience."

We want to use this capability to produce comparative and differential analysis capabilities for industry. 

This will be incredibly useful when applied to activities like Supplier of Last Resort and Change of Supplier. These use cases are becoming more and more frequent with customers inheriting combinations of devices that they didn’t install or have little experience of. Our lens allows them to see how those combinations are performing across industry. 

Of course, our position presents challenges which we need to overcome. We need to share this information in a manner that allows actionable insight to be used by everyone, for everyone’s benefit.  

Underpinning this evolution is our continued move to the cloud, leveraging machine learning platforms and capabilities. With the complexity and volume of demand coming into the team we need the right underpinning platforms and services to grow and adapt with us in a highly agile manner. 

It’s going to be a busy 2021 for myself and the team as we continue to innovate, drive forward, support industry and do our utmost to continue to deliver.  

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Robbie MacIntosh

Director Of Data and Analytics

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