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A positive vision for the future of the DCC

Responding to Ofgem’s consultation on our future licencing arrangements
Positive future
Ofgem is leading a review into DCC’s license and regulatory arrangements to ensure they remain fit for purpose in the next licence period (2025-2040). The current arrangements were put in place when DCC was awarded the licence in 2013 and we agree with Ofgem that now is the right time to start considering the future.


The response highlights the growth in our scope over the last 8 years and paints a picture of a future where the DCC continues to support the energy system transition.

Our network can go further and play a valuable role in helping the UK reach its target of Net Zero by 2050. The superior reach, connectivity, security and resilience of our network makes it a unique asset that can be reused by Government and regulators to implement policy interventions that aid energy system transition and deliver public benefits and wider social value. Our staff also hold a wealth of experience in delivering complex change programmes.

To ensure this is possible, and to continue the effective management and operation of the smart metering infrastructure, we need the balance of risk and reward, the shape of DCC and the regulatory framework to reflect our objectives.

We foresee a bold and optimistic future for the DCC as the secure digital spine of the energy system. Significant investment has been made by end-consumers in building our infrastructure and we have proven we can work at scale on a 24/7 basis. The aim should be to make the greatest possible use of this unique national asset.

We look forward to discussing our vision, and how to enable it with Ofgem and our stakeholders.

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