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Complaints Procedures

DCC endeavours to provide the best possible service for its customers and stakeholders. There will, however, be occasions where this may not happen. If you are dissatisfied with the service being provided by the DCC and would like to make a complaint, please refer to the procedure below.

Aims for the Complaints Procedure

DCC aims to ensure that:

  • Making a complaint is as easy as possible
  • We treat your complaint seriously
  • We deal with your complaint promptly and appropriately
  • We keep you advised of our progress
  • We learn from complaints and use them to review and improve our performance

Making a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the service that you are receiving from DCC or are concerned that DCC is not meeting the obligations that have been placed upon it, you can raise a complaint with DCC via either of the following methods:

  • The DCC Service Centre is available at all times (24-hour services, 365 days of the year) to provide our customers with resolutions to any queries they may have while on-boarding with DCC and then throughout all future actions with (the) DCC. Our service centre agents are well trained and supported by a knowledge base of articles and dynamic decision trees to enable them to triage any problems our customers may experience or simply offer general advice on DCC’s service offering. Where our Service Centre cannot resolve a problem first time for our customers, they will receive support from DCC technical staff and those of our Service Providers to aid in the resolution of that problem. The DCC Service Centre can also be used to raise a complaint and to provide feedback on DCC services and staff.
  • Alternately you may choose to contact your Service Manager directly by email at the following address

Complaint received

DCC will record, process and track your complaint. DCC will acknowledge your complaint and send you a reference number within five working days.

Complaint investigated

DCC will ensure the complaint is fully investigated by the appropriate people. If the complaint is considered to be outside the scope of DCC’s service, we will contact you to discuss what other steps you can take.

Should we require further information to support the investigation, we will send an initial response which will advise you when we expect to provide a complete response. There may be unavoidable delays if our response is dependent on other organisations. We will advise you where this occurs and provide revised timescales for resolution.

After investigating your complaint, we will write to you within ten working days of the complaint being received with the outcome including any mitigating / preventative steps we are implementing or details of any interim measures put in place before the eventual solution is reached.

Complainant considers response

If you accept the explanation within our written response, the complaint will be closed.

If you do not, or if you feel we have misunderstood anything, or there is additional information that you wish us to consider, please inform your Service Manager who will escalate the complaint to our Chief Operating Officer.


Our Chief Operating Officer will review the original complaint and all responses/correspondence; he/she may also contact you for further information. A response will be sent informing you of the decision and next steps.

If you accept the written response, the complaint will be closed.

If you have further comments, concerns or questions, our Chief Operating Officer will consider them and either provide a further response or provide details of how to escalate outside of the DCC to the SEC Panel or other governance body as appropriate.