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If you are a member of the public experiencing problems with your smart meter, speak to the company supplying your gas and electricity and they will be able to help you. Visit our Consumer Contact page for more information.

DCC Customers (Service Users & Other Users), please choose one of the following options:

If you have an operational query or issue, please contact our Service Centre

We recognise that we don't always get things right and welcome the opportunity to put things right.

If you have an operational issue that you haven't been able to resolve through the Service Centre, or you're unhappy with any other aspect of DCC service please contact the High Level Escalations team.

We aim to investigate complaints quickly and if we can't we'll keep you informed of progress at regular intervals

If you have a question regarding DCC charges or finance update, please contact

If you have a query regarding DCC’s forums or events, please contact the forum/event owner directly.