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Switching Enduring Business Proposal

The Switching Enduring Business Proposal describes DCC’s role as Switching Operator. We would welcome your views by 17:00 on Friday 31 March 2023.

The purpose of this document is to present DCC’s approach and related costs for managing the ongoing business-as-usual operations of the Switching Service. Its function is to:

  • Describe a baseline scope of work and how it will be delivered
  • Demonstrate that DCC is providing an economic and efficient service to meet the requirements placed upon it
  • Provide transparency of DCC’s proposed and actual costs and activities under the ex-post plus price control approach

DCC welcomes any comments on the content of this proposal, which can be sent via email to by 17:00 on Friday 31 March 2023. DCC will carefully consider any comments that are received and will then publish a final version of this Business Proposal.