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SMETS1 Request for Information Unaccounted SMETS1 Devices

A SMETS1 Request for information for data that the DCC is unable to identify through reporting from an SMSO.

An initial assessment on a small proportion of the dormant SMETS1 estate held by DCC was undertaken at the request of Responsible Suppliers and MAPs who identified devices that were never on the SMETS1 SMSO or no longer on the SMETS1 SMSO.

Analysis of the assessment highlighted that dormant devices were not available for DCC to migrate. Alongside DCC’s obligations to maximise dormant migration DCC is supporting BEIS to obtain data on dormant devices that are unaccounted for in order to impact assess the potential scale and breadth of the dormant devices that do not appear on the data provided by the SMETS1 SMSOs across all cohorts.

This Request for Information is seeking to obtain this data.