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SMETS1 Publication - Final RP Decommissioning Timetable for FOC (NP)

Closure of the FOC (NP) cohort will be effective from Sunday 9 April 2023.

On 16 March 2023, DCC concluded on a proposal to end Migrations and stop the DMCT Process in respect of the FOC (NP) cohort.

On 23 March 2023, DCC wrote to the Secretary of State recommending that the Requesting Party for the FOC (NP) cohort be decommissioned from Sunday 9 April 2023.

The Secretary of State approved the proposed RP Decommissioning Timetable on 5 April 2023. DCC is now publishing the final document as per Clause 7 of the Transition and Migration Approach Document (TMAD) which is Appendix AL of the Smart Energy Code.