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SMETS1 FOC Device Model Combination Consultation

In the initial stages of the smart meter roll-out across Great Britain, several Energy Suppliers installed first generation smart devices (known as SMETS1 devices) in consumers' homes. There are several hundred SMETS1 Device Model Combinations in use today ranging from Device Model Combinations where there are hundreds of thousands in use to Device Model Combinations where there are below ten in use. Clause 13 of the SMETS1 SVTAD, which was designated on 18 September 2018 as Appendix AK of the Smart Energy Code, requires DCC to discuss proposals and set out the rationale for the selected Device Model Combinations we are proposing to test in the Final Operating Capability (FOC) Systems Integration Testing (SIT) for SMETS1.

Today, DCC launches its Consultation on the Device Model Combination (DMC) Selection Document which sets out the rationale used in the selection of DMCs for SMETS1 Final Operating Capability System Integration Testing. We are interested in your views on the rationale used and the DMCs selected.

The closing date for your response is Friday 4th October 2019.