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SMETS1 Consultation –Various 2

A SMETS1 consultation on proposals by DCC to provide partial Migration for MOC (MDS), exclude certain categories of SMETS1 Installations from Migration, and unblock Migration of SMETS1 Installations.

Update 14 April 2022 – DCC has provided an updated version of the consultation to correct a typographical error in Section 4 of the consultation document.

This ‘SMETS1 Consultation – Various 2’ covers a range of regulatory matters related to SMETS1 Migrations.

There are a number of Exclusion Categories proposed covering the following circumstances:

  1. unable to attempt Firmware Upgrade for IOC;
  2. firmware upgrade / configuration failures for IOC and MOC (MDS); and
  3. data issues & duplicate MPANs and MPRNs across all cohorts.

DCC is also prosing some TMAD changes covering:

  1. provision of partial Migration for MOC (MDS) in relation to firmware failure; and
  2. unblocking migration due to data issues (Ceased Trading / Non-live User / Duplicate MPxNs).

We are seeking your views on our proposals using the provided response template. Please send us your comments by 16:00 on 20 April 2022 via as we’re aiming to conclude on this consultation by 4 May 2022.