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SMETS1 Consultation – Active to Dormant

A SMETS1 consultation on proposals by DCC on how to treat Dormant SMETS1 Installations (arising from termination of the contract between Energy Supplier and their SMETS1 SMSO).

On 28 April 2022, DCC issued a consultation titled ‘SMETS1 Consultation – Exclusion where Dormant but not due to Change of Supplier’. This consultation proposes a new Excluded Category (in Clause 18 of the TMAD) to capture the following circumstances:

  1. there are Dormant Meters (where the change in status from Active to Dormant is due to the Energy Supplier terminating their contract for smart services with the SMETS1 SMSO); and
  2. the Energy Supplier has provided a statement to DCC to confirm that the Energy Supplier reasonably believes that such Dormant Meters are not capable of successful Migration.

We are seeking your views on our proposals using the provided response template. Please send us your comments by noon on 19 May 2022 via as we’re aiming to conclude on this consultation by 27 May 2022.