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Response to the DCC consultation on the draft “Go Live” version of the ECoS Transition and Migration Approach Document (ETMAD) – SEC Appendix AS

This document provides a DCC response to the industry comments received on the ETMAD consultation and sets out the current position and next steps regarding the further development of the Go Live ETMAD.

On 11 April 2022, DCC issued a consultation seeking stakeholder views on proposed drafting for the revised version of the ETMAD that needs to be re-designated to take effect and be re-incorporated into the Smart Energy Code (SEC), at the Enduring Change of Supplier (ECoS) Service Live Date, referred to as the “Go Live ETMAD”. The consultation can be found here.

Under the ECoS Programme, a significant amount of work is ongoing, including the development of further governance documents relating to the error handling approach and the reporting regime. DCC is also continuing to assess whether it is feasible for the TCoS Certificate private keys to be transferred to the ECoS Party. Therefore, based on the comments received on the Go Live ETMAD and following discussion with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS), we are not in a position to conclude on the drafting of the Go Live ETMAD at this stage. Once we have clarified plans and assessed the need or otherwise to adjust the Go Live ETMAD issued as part of this consultation, we will be conducting further engagement with industry. Our ambition is to have concluded this activity before the end of the year.

Where possible, DCC has included within this document the conclusions it has reached, in respect of the consultation questions asked regarding the Go Live ETMAD. Where work is ongoing, we have highlighted this within the response.