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A consultation on the revised delivery plan for the Communications Hubs and Network Programme

DCC is consulting on its revised delivery plan for its Communications Hubs and Network (CH&N) Programme. The consultation closes at 17:00 on Thursday, 22 December 2022.

The Communications Hubs and Networks Programme (CH&N) aims to deliver future-proof Communications Hubs & Networks with an efficient supply chain and a targeted longevity of at least 15 years, introducing new Communications Hubs (CHs) which use the newer 4G network. DCC set out its initial delivery plan for CH&N on 11 June 2021, building on an outline business case. It included a Control Point at the point where contracts were signed with new service providers to review and, if necessary, propose refinements to the plan.  

DCC has now signed contracts with service partners to deliver this capability and reached its first Control Point. It is now undertaking a replanning exercise.